We will reflect on the importance of the Vienna Refugee protest movement in the Austrian and European context. A poster installation in Sigmund Freud Park and a transnational social forum are two of the main actions organized to network Refugee activists from Europa closer together and bring their concerns to a wider audience. The poster installation documents and shares experiences and strategies through the format of posters as a way to occupy public space. The social forum means to exchange knowledge and ideas of refugee-activists and to inform broader parts of the Austrian public.

Refugee Movements in
Europe and Beyond

As part of WIENWOCHE 2013 with the overall theme of “demokrazija-ja-ja” Re-emphasis aims at documenting and presenting the activities and claims of international refugee movements and at further contributing to a transnational network of EUropean refugee movements with the goal of a common campaign within the framework of the elections to the European Parliament.

Refugee movements in many EU Member States protest against continuous and systematic violations of their rights. The importance of these movements goes far beyond the situation of asylum seekers and sans papiers as these protest show the problematic of nationally organized democracies and a supranational regime re-enforcing restrictions of access, living and working conditions for non-EU citizens.

While post-national in their aims, in their concrete work, refugee movements remain to a high degree limited to national borders as politics and administrations of the Member States are their first addressee and as their possibilities of transnational mobility within the EU are severely limited.

Still, transnational networking activities form an important part of these movements – not least with regard to the upcoming elections to the European Parliament in 2014.

The project aims to contribute to these activities Thereby, it will concentrate on (1) sharing of experiences and (2) the development of common strategies through the media of posters as a form to reach a wider public and occupy public space; and a social forum meant to exchange knowledge and ideas of refugee-activists and to include and inform broader parts of the Austrian public.

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