Poster Installation
12 - 29 September 2013

Discoloured patches of grass in Sigmund-Freud-Park, were the only visible traces left after the eviction of a powerful and self-organized protest camp, established by refugees and their supporters at the end of November 2012 after their march from the asylum centre in Traiskirchen to the city centre of Vienna. In its manifestation, the Refugee Protest Camp became a social public space for the sharing of information and knowledge. There, social relationships and categories were re-negotiated self-determinedly and with a fighting spirit by refugees who had before been excluded manifold from political and social processes.

Reflecting upon the foundations of its previous site, and the nearby EU Monument, a tree circle and granite table that represent member states of the EU, Re-Emphasis intends to create a cultural platform to mediate with the public, promoting further discourse and visibility, while questioning the notions of equality and democracy.

An exhibition of posters will be presented within a public installation. It shall remember the occupation of the park in the form of a new symbolic occupation. Its aim is to reach public visibility and awareness for the situation of refugees and the claims of international refugee movements. During the period of WIENWOCHE (September, 12th to 29th), a mediation program will be held by refugee-activists, of the movement in Vienna, in relation to the installation and its surrounding spaces.

Let’s show to the public
what we are fighting for!
We shall rise!